Exera Control

Execontrol is an interactive platform capable of receiving, processing and managing all the data corresponding to the status of the devices included in solar thermal installations. At the same time, Execontrol allows remote visualization of the status of the plants and their devices, thus greatly facilitating the planning and execution of maintenance tasks in the installation.

Thanks to Machine Learning technology, Execontrol is able to store information and thus optimize the responses given to incidents that may occur in the devices. It is an intelligent data processing engine in which a user can establish warnings/alerts to inform the other users involved about situations that could lead to irreversibility in the plant if they are not acted upon diligently.

It is very important to highlight the predictive nature of the platform, which makes it possible to determine possible malfunctions before they occur thanks to the information included for each device/component.

Finally, Execontrol is a simple and intuitive platform that allows users with a low degree of specialization in solar thermal power plants to extract information about the status of the plant, thus giving more scope and adaptability to the platform.