Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Management of Exera Energía, S.L. through this declaration, communicates its commitment to the development and implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System. In doing so, it takes responsibility for continuously improving its efficiency, meeting customer requirements and applicable legal requirements and becoming involved in environmental protection and pollution prevention.

This Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy reflects the different principles on which we base ourselves in terms of quality and respect for the environment in carrying out our activities of “Property Engineering Services and Operation and Maintenance Services of Industrial Facilities” and which mark the line to be followed by the company and by our management system in order to consolidate ourselves and become a reference in the sector:

  1. The orientation towards the satisfaction of our clients through the maximum Quality of the services provided, understood as:
    • Honesty and human quality offering a service of maximum quality based on professionalism from honesty and human quality, which will allow the relations with our clients to be fruitful and long lasting.
    • Flexibility: we adapt our services to the needs of our clients, finding the most convenient solution to the problem they present us with thanks to our extensive experience.
    • With the best resources: we provide our clients with personnel with the experience and qualifications necessary to provide the best result, aspiring to exceed client expectations, satisfying their requirements and demands in terms of quality and environment in the services and deadlines offered.
    • Less expense for more profit: the promotion of maximum service quality in accordance with maximum respect for the environment, optimizing cost and generating long-term value.
  1. The continuous improvement of the organization in the field of environmental protection, promoting:
    • Leadership: prioritizing objectives and ideas in favour of environmental protection, keeping the team motivated and aligned.
    • Sustainable development: the generation of positive impacts on the environment, implementing an environmental awareness program.
    • The adoption of processes that reduce the use of raw materials, energy and water.
    • The conservation of resources through reuse and recycling.
    • The reduction of waste generation in current and future operations.
  1. Compliance with legal provisions, local, regional, national and community regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements to which the organization may subscribe.
  2. The adaptation, modernisation and maintenance of our infrastructures and equipment, applying new technologies in those areas that allow this.
  3. The establishment of a framework of awareness, training and participation for the human resources that form part of the organisation, so that there is a generation of improvement initiatives and training plans are developed that consider both the quality and environmental aspects of each job. Likewise, we support young people through a Collaboration Programme with Institutes and Universities, so that they can join the world of work and learn and develop a professional career with our organisation as a reference in the sector.
  4. Human Rights Policy: Exera respects, defends and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in Paris in 1948. In Exera we work firmly for the defence of human rights within our organization, allowing the creation of an environment with the indispensable conditions for human beings to live with dignity in an environment of freedom, justice and peace. For this reason, we are committed to making our organization a leader in the defence and protection of recognized human rights in all of its activities and geographical areas in which it develops, as well as promoting the implementation of these principles and values among its clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other collaborating companies.
  5. Protecting the health of our employees by preventing risks arising from their work, protecting maternity, information campaigns on the risks caused by influenza viruses and other diseases that may affect their health.
  6. The dissemination of this policy to the public, partners, suppliers, customers and subcontractors, seeking to promote shared responsibility in favour of environmental management.

The Management is committed to ensuring that this Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is a coherent and faithful reflection of our activities, revising it and adapting it to them when necessary.

This policy will serve to provide a reference framework for establishing and reviewing quality and environmental objectives. Likewise, it ensures that it is disseminated, communicated and understood by all the people belonging to our Organization.

Exera Energía Management

In Madrid, February 26th, 2020