About us

We created Exera Energía after a long professional career of our managers in the energy sector with the aim of offering our experience to Asset Owners, Investment Funds and Financial Entities.

We rely on two main pillars: Major Projects Management, and Energy Facilities Operation and Maintenance.

Our view

Experience combined with a high management capacity are our main qualities.

Our team’s work is based in the utmost professionalism with honesty and human quality. This will allow that the relations with our Clients are productive and long-lasting.

Our mission

With our Clients

Offer a maximum quality product service at a reasonable price, with respect to other companies of the sector.

With our stakeholders

Achieve reasonable profitability, creating value in the long run.

With our partners

Develop the work in a positive atmosphere, respecting its individuality and favoring our common interests.

With our suppliers

Maintain cordial and honest relationships, seek long-term trade balance based on the common interests.


Alfredo Valenciano Villafaina
Associate Director

Over 15 years managing project teams and O & M.

He has successfully completed more than 50 cogeneration, railway and renewable CSP, wind and biomass projects, as Projects Division Manager in three different companies. He has managed a project budget of over 3.5 billion euros in the last 8 years.

As O & M Division Manager, he has been in charge over 400 people working in 8 solar thermal plants and 28 wind farms for three years.

Expert in Complex Projects Management, creation of work teams and establishment of creative strategies to successfully undertake objectives set out in each contract. National and international experience, combined with projects accomplished in different technological areas, offers a management style adapted to the different needs of each Client.

Enrique Sánchez García
Associate Director

Over 10 years experience with an extraordinary career in major projects and Operation and Maintenance management of renewable energy power plants.

He has managed a total of 3 CSP 50MW projects, 8 Wind Farms and one Biomass since 2008, as Projects Manager in the Promotion, Development and Construction Phase of CSP, Wind Farms and Biomass.

He has managed a team with over 200 people as Delegate / Head of Operation and Maintenance Plant in 2 CSP complexes, with a total of 200 MW,

He has been the O&M Division Manager of a large company in the sector for 2 years, managing a team over 400 people and obtaining excellent results in energy production and profitability.

The experience and his high degree of commitment, together with his management capacity, have enabled him to develop significant Construction and O & M projects.