La Africana

La Africana is a solar thermal power plant using cylinder-parabolic collector technology, with a molten salt thermal storage system, located in the municipality of Posadas (Córdoba), on the A-445 road, p.k. 6. The solar plant has a 215-hectare solar field that includes 168 loops or cylindrical-parabolic collectors, with a collector surface area of 549,360 m2. It allows electricity to be produced for 7.5 hours in the absence of solar radiation, giving the plant the capacity to produce electricity 24 hours a day in the summer, with a power of 50 MW, capable of supplying 155 GWh per year. The heat collected by the salts, which can reach temperatures of around 395ºC, is used to generate steam and, by means of a turbine, to produce electricity. The plant’s thermal system will be completed with an auxiliary liquefied natural gas combustion installation, with a thermal power of 45 MWt.