After the COD and the beginning of the commercial operation, we offer our Clients a wide range of options that allow them to know the state of your asset during its lifetime. Due to our team experience, we don’t just stay in the diagnostic, we will propose solutions to the various problems or options, to improve your asset.

  • Corrective, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance: leave the supervision of this critical aspect in the life of your assets in our hands, so that you know if your contractor is working according to the usual Industry Practices and if it follows the recommendations and manuals of both manufacturers and installation itself.
  • Legal inspections: we check if your installation is up to date with inspections as established by law. In case you have difficulties in carrying out an inspection with the current design of your asset, we have experience in these cases and we advise you which may be the best alternative to have the lowest possible cost.
  • Environmental compliance: we check your asset to comply with the parameters approved by the Environment Authorities. In case there was any parameter that doesn’t comply, we will recommend the measures to be taken.