Our knowledge in O & M Management Contracts can make your asset receive the best service and performance of the market. We offer flexibility and adaptation depending on the interest of each Owner, and the cost / risk ratio that you want to assume. We offer three modalities that we believe may be of your interest:

  • Full O & M contract: it is the classic contract in which we would assume the full O & M scope that offers the highest guarantees.
  • Partial scope O & M contract: You may be sometimes interested in assuming certain services less critical for the O & M. We would offer the highest quality service, with lower costs and a level of guarantees adapted to the value of the contract.
  • O & M Management Contract: this modality is as if it was a full O&M contract with a single difference, we take care of the management of all the contracts necessary for the service, being the contractual relation with all of them to the Owner. This option offers a complete service at the lowest cost and with guarantees adapted to the contract management.